Friday, December 23, 2005

To wat extend should it be legalised?

Abortion should be legalised for some situations.
Situations like
-Health threatening
-Raped cases and got pregnant
-Finance problems

These situation should be made legal asfor the first case, woman have the rights to protect their own life first, they can always adopt some other child if they want to have kids.

Situation No. 2 the woman is not willing to have sex with the guy who raped her and in the end getting pregnant. If the woman have to keep the children because of it, Its really unfair to the woman.

As mentioned in my previous post, if the family does not have enough money to feed the new born. Is the government going to feed the children?

Human rights?

Women's rights advocates argue that access to legal abortion is essential for the mental and physical health of women as a gender, and that banning abortion puts women in danger. Furthermore, since this is not a danger that men face, it would be a source of inequality and injustice.

Many advocates go much further than this and say that not only should abortion be available, it should be available in all communities and at low (or no) cost, otherwise the poor, and those living in areas with a strong religious ethos will suffer discrimination that puts their health at risk. This, they argue, would breach human rights.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Abortion is a civil wrong and a moral obligation, depending on the situation. In cases where rape or incest or when the child brings danger to the conceiving mother, the child should be aborted, no questions asked.

However, other than that, in my opinion, abortion should never be legalized. Afterall, a child is still a human being, and no human being should be robbed of his right to enter the world. Take a look at those criminals committing the most horrendous crimes known to man, and yet many of them are not given the death penalty, whats more a young innocent child.

I do believe that every human being deserve his own equal rights of deciding if he should live or die, and that includes even an unborn child. Therefore, I still think that we should not legalise abortion.

I think most people will think abortion is like killing a new life. Some may think that why are human beings killing them when they decided to have them in this world ?

Murder can be considered relatively true when abortion has taken place. Incidents came about when teenages just think of having sex without considering the consequences. This creates a great problem when safety precautions are not made and also they are not mentally prepared to take care of the unborn baby.

As for me, I will support the fact that abortion can b considered as a form of "murder". If you don't want 2 feel guilty for killing a new live, please consider before doing anytink.

Therefore, I sum up by making a conclusion that Abortion should not be legalise. This is because teenage might take it for granted that if any incidents of babies is found, they can just simply abandoned it by making an abortion. Overall, this is the reason that i provide to support my stand.

Family ? Are you ready..??

llegal abortions are more likely than legal abortions to do permanent damage to women's reproductive organs. This reduces the chance of children being born later, at a stage when the woman may be able to care for a family. This discriminates against women who wish to have a family later on.

Lets say, wat if someone got pregnant and is a unwanted pregnancy, because the family does not have enough money to feed on the new born baby, who will feed the baby? will the government provide you with all the money to get the stuff that the baby needs. so legalise abortion is the right choice.

Question : Should we legalise abortion??

From my point of view, we should legalise abortion as it is necessary for the safety of women.

History shows that making abortion legal generally leads to significant reductions in injuries and deaths caused to women by abortion.

The World Health Organisation estimates that approximately one-third of maternal deaths are due to complications arising from illegally induced abortions. Each year an estimated 20 million unsafe abortions are performed worldwide, 95% of these are performed in low-income countries.

Before abortion was permitted in countries like the UK and USA, women still had abortions, but because abortion was a crime, they were carried out in secrecy, and very often by people with no, or inadequate, medical training. And even when carried out by doctors, they were rarely done with hospital back-up.

The result of this was that many women died, or suffered permanent physical damage as a result of botched abortions. Because there was no counselling, even women whose bodies were unscathed, suffered grief and guilt, and the stigma of having an abortion often prevented them from seeking comfort from their family or friends.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

guys .. Allow me to do d kick off ..

i think most people won't deny d fact that "abortion", is in its most fundamental form, d taking of another person's life (some of us will beg to differ) .. yet nobody can say for sure, if d legalising of this "murder" is ultimately right or wrong... This, i think, is d reason why "abortion" is starting to fascinate me a little ..

my opinion on abortion is contrary to my faith ( im a buddhist), and we buddhist will somewhat believe that taking d life of another will surely result in "bad karma", or consequences which we'll hv to face later on in life. but then again, i cant help but think ... is abortion a form of murder at all?? and can d foetus b considered a living thing, jus like d rest of us ??

after some thinking, i hv concluded that d foetus is a 'kind' of living thing, but not completely one ... so d only way to decide if d foetus is human ( and if abortion is murder), is to decide, at what stage does the d foetus finally become a human .. for me, d foetus shd b counted as a human at d point where it can start to feel pain. b4 d foetus can feel any pain, it is jus another cell, or DNA, or anything u wish to call it, jus like our hair .. erm, according to research, its only after abt 28 wks ... so to sum it up, anythg b4 this period of time, a foetus, cannot b called human, and as such, abortion during which is not a form of murder .. and hence, abortion b4 28wks, shd b considered n made legal.. what do u guys think ??