Thursday, December 22, 2005

I think most people will think abortion is like killing a new life. Some may think that why are human beings killing them when they decided to have them in this world ?

Murder can be considered relatively true when abortion has taken place. Incidents came about when teenages just think of having sex without considering the consequences. This creates a great problem when safety precautions are not made and also they are not mentally prepared to take care of the unborn baby.

As for me, I will support the fact that abortion can b considered as a form of "murder". If you don't want 2 feel guilty for killing a new live, please consider before doing anytink.

Therefore, I sum up by making a conclusion that Abortion should not be legalise. This is because teenage might take it for granted that if any incidents of babies is found, they can just simply abandoned it by making an abortion. Overall, this is the reason that i provide to support my stand.


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