Friday, December 23, 2005

To wat extend should it be legalised?

Abortion should be legalised for some situations.
Situations like
-Health threatening
-Raped cases and got pregnant
-Finance problems

These situation should be made legal asfor the first case, woman have the rights to protect their own life first, they can always adopt some other child if they want to have kids.

Situation No. 2 the woman is not willing to have sex with the guy who raped her and in the end getting pregnant. If the woman have to keep the children because of it, Its really unfair to the woman.

As mentioned in my previous post, if the family does not have enough money to feed the new born. Is the government going to feed the children?


Blogger henry said...

"A man who takes it upon himself to prescribe how others should dispose of their own lives - and who seeks to condemn them by law, i.e., by force, to the drudgery of an unchosen, lifelong servitude (which, more often than not, is beyond their economic means or capacity) - such a man has no right to pose as a defender of rights. A man with so little concern or respect for the rights of the individual, cannot and will not be a champion of freedom or of capitalism. (For a full discussion of the issue of birth control, see my article "Of Living Death.")"

— Ayn Rand

i saw this on d net ... pretty much puts my thoughts into words .. i hold on to my belief that a foetus, b4 a certain point, remains a part of human being which contains d human DNA.. a part that cannot b considered human. and it is our god-given right to abort, or remove any part of our body that we wish .. without any interference fr. others.

i feel that governments who "illegalise" abortions, r practising n exercising a right which it doesn't possess... because d act of abortion does not harm or pose a threat to society ..

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